Water Recovery


Our exclusive and proprietary line of OCEANUS water recovery products seamlessly recovers and reuses water that is currently being wasted

On Site Water Treatment


OCEANUS treats and cleans the water it recovers on site so that it can easily and efficiently be reused over and over again

Contaminated Water Removal


Providing contaminated water removal services that safely capture and remove the polluted water in order to have it cleaned and safely reused again  

Renewable Energy


By converting your inefficient fossil based energy source to a green renewable energy source you are saving both the environment and money 

Green Energy Products


Our extensive line of green energy saving products provides our customers with clean renewable energy solutions and financial benefits 

Efficient Energy Storage


By efficiently storing energy when it isn't required or during off peak hours in order to have it used at a later time, it will substantially cut down on your carbon foot print and your bottom line.